Fusions & Fashions 2019

Spring Fashion Trends – 2019 Edition

Who else is loving this gorgeous Spring weather? Sunny sky’s, birds chirping, warm breeze’s, what a wonderful feeling Spring brings.
Something most people look forward in this Spring Season is the clothing. Buying clothes and creating fashionable outfits that embrace the season is something everyone enjoy. The first day of Spring was Wednesday so as many people out there will be doing, is hitting the shops in the weekend to check out the Spring clothing line. But, what’s on trend this year? What colors are popping? What styles are most stylish? Well you are in luck because we have launched exclusive Spring Collections for the OOTD heads out there and guess WHAT?, they are on SALE. Com'on who gives gets Christmas on Summer? This years Spring 2019 fashion trends will be the trendsetter at your work and will be wearing this years most popular styles and prints.
This Spring you will be seeing Colors.
Here are Some of Our COLLECTIONS for Women

Mesh Patchwork Pleated T-shirt

Product Link:- http://bit.ly/2IhDOzd

Chiffon Floral Print V-Collar

Product Link:- http://bit.ly/2G3K8st

Stitching Print Strap Dress

Product Link:- http://bit.ly/2UibOCN

Leopard Print Women Skirt

Product Link:- http://bit.ly/2IgwFz1

Basic Cami Top

Product Link:- http://bit.ly/2TWCTGx

Women's Polka-dotted White Dress

Product Link:- http://bit.ly/2CYEg1S
Now Let's check out Men's Collection

With polar vortexes firmly in the rearview, it’s time to start planning your first spring vacation. Whether that's a weekend-long staycation or a proper getaway to some far-flung white sand beach, these essentials will serve you through boozy nights on the town, dinner dates, solo dining, or just chilling by the pool.


Slim Fit Pocketed With Epaulette Green Shirt

Product Link:- http://bit.ly/2YVhAsx



THEY DON'T Printed T-shirt

Product Link:- http://bit.ly/2VrQuHy



Men's Printed Anthracite T-Shirt

Product Link:- http://bit.ly/2YVjmdl



Summer Basics T-Shirt

Product Link:- http://bit.ly/2VtYHLk



Men's Patterned Capri Shorts

Product Link:- http://bit.ly/2I5h1r8



Men's Black Fabric Pants

Product Link:- http://bit.ly/2IhEHYt




For More Collections and Other Products, visit Our Store:- www.patandsons.com


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